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Regional Occupational Program (ROP)

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Mark Hodges
Senior Director,
Regional Occupational Program

Jim Howes
Assistant Director,
Regional Occupational Program

Michelle Cuartilon
Department Office Coordinator,
Regional Occupational Program

Main phone #: (831) 466-5760
Fax: (831) 466-5769

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Student & Personnel Services: Regional Occupational Program (ROP)

ROP Video Production at Harbor High School Collaborates with Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2 to Present: El Día E

This year two classes are participating in this project, called The E Day

Every June 21st, the Cervantes Institute, a Language School in Spain, hosts El Día E—a special day of celebration for those who speak Spanish anywhere in the world. Since school is not in session during the summer solstice, Harbor High School teacher Anne Cappiello changed the date of the celebration for her students to coincide with Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from September 15th through October 15th. The students in Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2 begin the school year with a unit on identity and language and what it means to live their lives between two worlds. One assignment is the "favorite word" speech competition, where students must speak to the class for two minutes persuading the class to vote for their most compelling word. After the votes are tallied, the winner is announced and goes home with the prize—a dictionary!

Ms. Cappiello's class has been participating in this event for the past two years, but wanted to take it a step further by making a video, fashioned after those by the Cervantes Institute. Ms. Cappiello and ROP Video Production teacher Larkin Wilson had been dreaming about collaborating for some time, and this year were able to make it happen. They met frequently to plan and prepare both sets of students for the filming. The filmmakers were extremely gifted at calming the nerves of the Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2 students and at editing and putting all of the pieces together seamlessly. Two films were made, one for each class, and then combined for this version. All of the students and both teachers are so very proud of the outcome; everyone learned a lot in the process and are hoping to collaborate again in the future.

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