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Student & Personnel Services: Special Education

Art and Fashion at the Lighthouse School

Lighthouse School fashion show

The Lighthouse School is a program that the Santa Cruz County Office of Education's Special Education Department has been proud to administer for the past 3 years. The school staff work diligently to create a safe and supportive learning environment for students who have had intensive emotional and behavioral problems. This program has been very successful and the students have made excellent progress.

TJ's apron with squiggles One of the Lighthouse students, 8th grader Alexis Dequine, received permission to organize an art and fashion extravaganza as part of her academic Art elective. On April 22, "Lexi" led her fellow students and the school staff in decorating Lighthouse School with glitter and sparkle. She created fashions for herself and other students to wear, and motivated the other students, Justin Andruss, Theron "TJ" Roy, and Citlalli Delgado-Hertado, to create their own art work.

"TJ" decorated a white apron with a variety of glitter glues in a series of abstract swirls. While "TJ" was busy with his abstract art, Justin focused on drawing a more realistic piece. He combined his favorite TV character, Thomas the Tank Engine, with his favorite geological subject, to create a display entitled Thomas the Tank Engine meets Volcanoes!

While Citlalli quietly enjoyed making paper flowers and produced some simple yet fabulous California poppies, Andrew Whitehead, the Lighthouse teacher, supplied the music for Lexi's fashion show. Ralph Howe, the school's psychologist, provided pizza and everyone had a great time!

Thomas the Tank Engine

Citlalli's flowers

Lex's Fashion

Fashion collage

Costume party

Staff members listed from left to right: Louise Burnside - Special Education Coordinator; Andrew Whitehead - Lighthouse Teacher; Ben Martin - Lighthouse Instructional Aide; Ralph Howe - School Psychologist; Sally Beck - Work Experience Specialist

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