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Guide to Finding Housing in Santa Cruz County

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How to Find Housing in Santa Cruz County: A Guide for Educators

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How do I begin?

We’re happy you have chosen to establish your career and make your home in Santa Cruz County.

Finding a place to live may seem daunting in a county with high rental and housing costs. The Santa Cruz County Office of Education is committed to helping educators find housing. This site is provided to assist you in getting started whether renting or buying. Resources are constantly updated to provide you with current information.

You will get additional assistance by contacting the Human Resources representative in the appropriate district. There is a complete list below.

A tip: Get to know the communities of the Monterey Bay area. You may find some areas are more affordable yet close to work. For instance, the unincorporated areas of Santa Cruz County are generally more affordable yet still an easy commute to many schools in South and mid-Santa Cruz County. Santa Cruz County is compact in area, but ask questions about traffic patterns.

What can I expect to pay in rent?

The Housing Authority of Santa Cruz County publishes Fair Market Rents (FMR) established by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. As of October, 2004, here are the FMR’s for Santa Cruz County:

  • 1 bedroom/$1,033
  • 2 bedroom/$1,347
  • 3 bedroom/$1,939

What can I expect to pay for a house?

The median price as of December, 2004, for a single-family home was $626,000, the average price was $691,749. The median price for a condominium/townhouse was $427,000, the average was $446,657.

Housing Information

Some good web sites with general information about finding a place to live, buying a house, or financing:

Newspaper Classified Housing Ads

Internet Resources for Housing

Other Resources for Housing

  • Santa Cruz Association of Realtors
  • Santa Cruz County Yellow Pages

Financing a Home Purchase

Local government assistance:

Special Mortgage Assistance Programs for Teachers

School Districts of Santa Cruz County

School Districts of Santa Cruz County map District Human Resources Contacts
Bonny Doon 427-2300
Happy Valley 429-1456
Live Oak School District 475-6333
Mountain Elementary 475-6812
Pacific Elementary 425-7002
Pajaro Valley Unified School District 786-2100 x270
San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District 336-5193
Santa Cruz City Schools 429-3410 x235
Scotts Valley Unified School District 438-1822
Soquel Union Elementary School District 464-5631
Cabrillo College 479-6217
Santa Cruz County Office of Education 479-5248

The Ed-Join web site, contains current job openings for all districts.

The Ed-Data web site, contains demographic information for all districts, including number of students, number of schools, and number of full-time teaching positions.

This information was developed in partnership with
The Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning

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