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Santa Cruz County Math Contest

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Santa Cruz County Math Contest
Awards Ceremony Thursday, May 4th
5:00-5:45PM for 5/6 grade awards
5:45-6:30PM for 7/8 grade awards
Santa Cruz County Office of Education
400 Encinal Street
Santa Cruz CA 95060

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2017 Math Contest Winners

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The Math Contest is a county-wide competition for 5-8th grade students in Santa Cruz County. Now in its 50th year, the contest provides students with both a team competition and an individual test format.

The team competition requires students work together using problem-solving strategies, showing work and providing clear and detailed explanations. The individual test for all grade levels uses a free response format.

Students receive certificates of participation and contest winners receive achievement medals and special awards for the top three winners.

2016 Math Contest Winners

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2016 Math Contest Award Winners

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